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Top 50 Seattle Artists and their Featured Art

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A world of inspiration

So what's so great about being an artist in this wonderful place? Hear from our artists...

Lesley Frenz
Acrylic and watercolor
The beauty and grandeur of the natural surroundings in Western Washington make it almost impossible not to create art here. I am also only an hour north of Seattle and love being able to hop into the city anytime to see shows, meet with other artists, and absorb all the city has to offer.
Kristi Nakata
Macrame, weaving, and fiber art
With our majestic tall mountains, evergreen forests, beautiful Puget Sound, and unique islands, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful any way you turn. I find inspiration everywhere I go!
Claire Parrish
Acrylic, Ink, Pastels, and Collage.
My favorite part about being an artist in the PNW is the overwhelming support from my community. Beginning my journey in Mississippi was intimidating: there were more people questioning my choice of becoming an artist than there was people genuinely curious in my thoughts and ideas. Moving to Washington has not only informed my creative practiced, but revealed to me that it is attainable to have a career as an artist.
Lauren Nishizaki
Living in Seattle in close proximity to the mountains, I never find myself lacking inspiration. Towering peaks, frozen alpine lakes, twisted snags, and new spring growth: regardless of the season, a day hike in the Cascades always sparks creativity and new ideas. That inspiration works its way into my art either directly, as pen sketches of the Pacific Northwest, or indirectly as background textures and elements.
Jessalin Beutler
acrylic and collage
I love the water. I love that on one side of me is the Puget Sound, and the other is Lake Washington. Sometimes I complain about the weather, but over and over again I realize how much I would miss if I moved away.
Perry Shaw / Shaw Studio
Wood--I work with storm fallen or diseased trees only
My favorite part of being a Seattle Artist is the having the honor and gift of giving our trees a second life after they've fallen to storm or disease. Seattle is an incredibly vibrant city and art can be found everywhere. Woodworkers and Woodturning Artists in this city are collaborative, helpful and frequently go out of their way to support each other. I love that aspect of our community.
Elisa Dore
My favorite part of being an artist in Seattle is being a part of the Seattle Print Arts community, as well as being surrounded by such a beautiful natural landscape.
Enid Smith Becker
Acrylic on Canvas
The richness of the places to visit and explore