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Top 50 Philadelphia Artists and their Featured Art

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A world of inspiration

So what's so great about being an artist in this wonderful place? Hear from our artists...

Stephanie Jean Brown
Soft pastel
The woodlands, parks and gardens of Pennsylvania are a constant source of enjoyment and inspiration for me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to see so much beauty within a short walk or drive from my home in northwest Philly. Additionally, I have found the artistic community here to be very warm and welcoming.
Jane Zweibel
Acrylic painting
Philadelphia is a great city for art! The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes museum are two wonderful resources for inspiration. I also love to take classes at the Fleisher Art Memorial which is a wonderful local nonprofit community art school.
Matt Higgins
Oil, oil stick, flashe paint, acrylic and collage
We live in a quiet neighborhood outside of Philadelphia called Fishtown. I have my studio in the third bedroom of our house so it's easily accessible at any time. I love the simplicity of having a home studio in a city that is really affordable and easy to live in compared to a lot of cities. My wife and I are both college professors which gives us a lot of flexibility in our lifestyles and helps fuel our individual creative work. Ultimately a lot of it comes down to practicality, which I think doesn't get talked about enough, a lot of the choices we have made the past few years have put us in a good place to be able to do the work we get to do, I am extremely grateful for the life we have today.
Lucy Shaiken
Acrylic Paint
Philadelphia is known for its public art. The murals in this city are unrivaled. It's a huge part of the character of the city. You see fantastic art in every neighborhood. We also have world-class museums and easy train access to New York City, Washington D.C., and other hubs of art and inspiration.
Kathy Robinson
Acrylic, watercolor, rice paper, canvas
The vibrant art community here in Philadelphia
Gwen Wiess
Digital drawing, Gouache, collage, colored pencils, graphite pencils
Right now, I live in a place that is surrounded by empty homes for 9 months out of the year. Being forced to be so isolated has improved my ability to be introspective and comfortable with my thoughts. Now more than ever, I am able to sit with my emotions and inner monologue to help myself develop ideas that end up being reflected in my work all thanks to the forced isolation. Obviously, this goes without saying how amazing and inspiring the ecology of Southern New Jersey is. Being able to watch the seasons change the landscape and wildlife is so inspiring. Consequentially, I've become very interested in birds as the area that I live in is one of the best places for bird watching in the world. Both of these things have heavily influenced my art making.