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Top 50 Baltimore Artists and their Featured Art

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A world of inspiration

So what's so great about being an artist in this wonderful place? Hear from our artists...

Jo Coyle
I’m from Maryland, but particularly the northern countryside of Baltimore county. I’m lucky to be able to associate with the area my childhood, a sense of freedom through nature and the unending support of my parents, all of which lend a confidence and gratitude to my work.
Julia Glatfelter
Mixed Media - Currently Gouache and Acrylic
Baltimore is a very welcoming place for artists. It's easy to get a show or share your work. Other cities can be cold and competitive but get to know a few people in the Baltimore arts scene and they'll help you out. Not only that but, you'll start seeing them everywhere. We call it "Smalltimore" for a reason. Just last year, I asked to exhibit a show in a historic city building. Not only did the staff say yes (with no strings attached) but they gave me the keys to hang on to for the duration of the timeline. Soon after, I received a grant to fund the work from our state arts council. Opportunities exist if you ask the right people! Currently, I'm showing at a local brewery and they aren't taking any commission. It's pretty wild. No one does that anymore. Come on over to Baltimore - we'll hook you up!
Nat Bradley
Mixed Media: Acrylics, Oil, Collage, Pastels
Diverse community and robust history of support of the arts.
Zach Schoettler
Pen and ink, watercolors, markers, journals
I love using my art to interpret the city, nature and life around me. It helps me understand the world as I see it.
Barbara Joann Combs
Charcoal, acrylics, mixed media, printmaking
Being a short distance from nature, architecture, people, museums, and galleries is inspiring as an artist.
Sandi Wilson
Encaustic , cold wax and oil, acrylic
The diverse landscape