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Top 50 San Diego Artists and their Featured Art

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A world of inspiration

So what's so great about being an artist in this wonderful place? Hear from our artists...

Karen Crowell
Oil, Water Media
There are so many creative people, galleries and museums to help feed me. Being in a critic group with other artists is a wonderful way to help me get better.
Michelle Joy Montrose
Oil, Collage, Fiber Art
I have a studio at the Spanish village art center. This is such a unique community of artists!
Stacie Birky Greene
Recycled Paper and Wood, Ink, Oil
San Diego is one of the most biodiverse places and is a continuously inspiring place to be.
Weston Riffle
Oil Paints
There is a lot of natural and unnatural beauty. Light is manipulated by the atmosphere in good ways. The sky is wide open and you can see for miles if you go up a mountain, a hill or a cliff.
Lulu Qu
Asian Gouache, Ink and Traditional Chinese Brushes
Being an artist in San Diego has a lot of opportunities to showcase our artworks. We have galleries all over the city, we have a lot of art fairs that we can participate. San Diego has a very strong local culture, people love supporting local artists and love being connected as a community. There are a lot of beautiful natures to explore in San Diego, the beautiful ocean, the dolphins and whales, the mountains, palm trees, all of these bring me inspirations. The growing multi-cultures also give me a lot of new ideas. I love Mexican art, and any type of different cultures that can inspire me. We also have Comic-Con here every year, the fun pop art also inspires me. Last, but not the least, the weather! It is too good to be sad, the everyday sunshine makes me to be a happy artist.
Carolina Arrieta
Artist & Illustrator
I get to do what I love! Im so lucky to have my job be my favorite thing to do. It barely feels like work.
Lauren Bencivengo
Gouache and Acrylic
I am fortunate enough to live in a city with a pleasant climate which allows me the time to be able to enjoy the outdoors most of the year. The more nature I can observe, the more exposure I have to inspiration.
Ambika Thiagarajan
Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media
I love engaging with local Artists and learning about their journeys. There are a lot of opportunities for this out here in San Diego where the Arts is often celebrated with several events running all year round. It keeps me motivated and encouraged to keep chasing my dreams with an open heart.
Sherry Roper
Oil Paints
Since the weather is always beautiful, I can get outside and paint or find objects to paint year-round. Flowers are always blooming, fruit is always on the trees, sunshine is abundant.