Elisa Dore

Elisa is an artist of Puerto Rican descent born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, and currently living in Seattle. She grew up between two cultures and languages. She uses her art practice as a way to explore this middle ground, this duality of belonging to two different cultures yet not fully fitting into either one. Along with her ancestry and cultural background, she is inspired by feminine figures, memories, and the natural world.

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Three questions on inspiration with

Elisa Dore

  • Describe an object that has inspired you
    It’s not an object but nature in general has most inspired my work. Forests and trees, water, the sky, flowers, the color of the clouds at dusk. I almost always include some element of nature in my work.
  • Describe a place that has inspired you
    Puerto Rico is what my art practice centers around and always finds its way back to. I love drawing lush tropical landscapes full of plants native to Puerto Rico such as palm trees and flamboyan flowers. I am inspired by the land, the buildings, my family, the way of life. No nací en Puerto Rico pero Puerto Rico nació en mi.
  • Describe a person that has inspired you
    I am most inspired by the women in my family, especially my mom Teresa. She has always pushed me to continue working on my art. She once told me how her parents left Puerto Rico in order to give their children and grandchildren a chance at a better life. How her father was a soldier so she could be a mother so I could be an artist. This is the affirmation I repeat to myself that keeps me grounded and reminds me of the sacrifices made for me to be able to pursue my art.
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