Lauren Nishizaki

Lauren is a self-taught printmaker raised in California and currently living in Seattle, Washington. Since 2020, she has been creating small linocut block prints. Lauren is a fourth-generation Japanese American, and she uses her artwork as a creative outlet to connect with and explore her heritage. Many of her pieces draw inspiration from Japanese culture and imagery. She draws additional inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and her many hikes and backpacking trips in the area.

Ohana Means Family

Moon & Rabbits

Wagashi Series

Three questions on inspiration with

Lauren Nishizaki

  • Describe an object that has inspired you
    I have been heavily inspired by textiles, including woven and stitched fabrics, paper stencils for fabric dying, and various types of yarn-dyed fabrics. This inspiration makes its way into my backgrounds and informs my use of texture.
  • Describe a place that has inspired you
    Much of my work is inspired by Japan and its traditional art forms, food, and patterns. I incorporate images from my travels there, as well as memories from growing up Japanese in the US.
  • Describe a person that has inspired you
    I attribute my love of art to my parents, especially my mom. Growing up, my parents helped me form a solid artistic background with lots of classes and museum visits. As I child, I got to see my mom blend her technical and artistic expertise, giving me a blueprint for my current activities.
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