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Top 50 Atlanta Artists and their Featured Art

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A world of inspiration

So what's so great about being an artist in this wonderful place? Hear from our artists...

Patty DelValle
Atlanta is rich in culture, especially the arts. There are tons of opportunities and activities for visual artists and well as art lovers.
Ann Litrel
Multi-media, currently watercolor with pen and ink.
I love painting the landscapes of my home state of Georgia - it's a huge state with an incredible wealth of natural beauty, from the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains at its northern border, to the gorgeous barrier islands of its lowland Southeast coast.
M. Kemper Westbrook
My main medium is watercolor with micron pen, but I always love experimenting with other media as well.
I love that Atlanta, particularly my neighborhood of East Atlanta Village, really values and supports local artists. There are so many opportunities and the artist community has a sense of camaraderie rather than one of competition.
The community. Here in Atlanta the creative community is so large and so supportive. Once I started sharing my growth and craft on my platform, I was able to connect with so many people in my city. So far the people I’ve had the pleasure to work with have been so supportive! It’s almost unbelievable that there are people around me that love my work so much, they’re willing to help me whenever and however they can, just so I can win. Being a full-time artist can be very hard on your own so knowing I live in a city were I can be myself and thrive is so refreshing.
Judy Robkin
Clay, watercolors, pen and ink
I love sharing my passion for creativity with others. Teaching allows me the opportunity to touch lives, build confidence and introduce people to a world that some have found inaccessible.
Dorri Buchholtz
Bronze Sculpture
Atlanta has a vibrant and thriving art scene.
Daniel Zimmerman
Oil Painter
Being an artist in the south is fantastic because space does not come at the same premium it does in a larger metropolitan area like New York or LA. I am able to have a very large studio which allows me to create really large paintings and host events in my space.
Cam Villar
Acrylic and mixed media, on paper and canvas
The people in the art community here in Atlanta are pretty friendly, supportive and open, so I've enjoyed my interactions with them.