Wagashi Series

This series began with dessert cravings during the pandemic; when I was unable to find any sakura mochi for Japanese Girl's Day, I decided to print my own. From there, this series expanded to include other Japanese sweets—and I discovered the local Seattle businesses that sell each of them.


Lauren Nishizaki

Lauren is a self-taught printmaker raised in California and currently living in Seattle, Washington. Since 2020, she has been creating small linocut block prints. Lauren is a fourth-generation Japanese American, and she uses her artwork as a creative outlet to connect with and explore her heritage. Many of her pieces draw inspiration from Japanese culture and imagery. She draws additional inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and her many hikes and backpacking trips in the area.

Lauren Nishizaki

describes their creative process

Every piece of art starts with a series of sketches. Most never move beyond the pages of my sketchbook, but others I draw and re-draw until I'm happy with the composition. These are the ones that I transfer to a block of linoleum and carve. Before printing the final edition, I create multiple test-prints to check the design balance and block alignment, and to find the right colors of ink. It's a process full of troubleshooting and problem-solving, and I relish the challenge.