Julia Glatfelter

Mixed Media - Currently Gouache and Acrylic
I grew up on the green hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania. My earliest memories are of playing in the sun with my siblings - chasing each other through labyrinths of trees. We regularly attended the Brandywine River Museum, "home of the Wyeths" and I lived among realistic depictions of my county by an American great, Andrew Wyeth. Place has always meant a great deal to me. My art practice is a trail of places I've been and the people I've been with. By making, I preserve the memories and experiences I've had as close as the East Coast and as far as Chennai, India. Through the use of limited color and breathable space, I invite viewers to see the truth of things that have happened to me and perhaps them too.

Pocket Change

Crying Out from the Ground

Lifting Up

Three questions on inspiration with

Julia Glatfelter

  • Describe an object that has inspired you
    Is it clique to say that the materials themselves are my most notable objects? I discovered making (with real intent and strategy) in High School. Creating images was a way to process my world. It soothed and calmed me like nothing else. Through making with tactical materials - I've strengthened myself, my spirituality and my practice.
  • Describe a place that has inspired you
    The Children's Art Centre in Boston's South End has a special grip on my life and artwork. In 1920 it opened its doors and in 2019, I was the last art teacher in the space before it ended art programming. After saying goodbye, I self-published a children's book about the story called The Little Glass Treasure House. It tells the story of Charlotte Dempsey, a woman who taught in the space for 40 years. Since then, I have connected with her extended family and the story continues as we sift through her personal untold biography!
  • Describe a person that has inspired you
    My husband, Hohyung, has absolutely been the most notable person. He helped me to pivot from making with a scarcity mindset to making with joy and abundance. For me, I've learned that the only way to allow the work to breathe and be as it should be is to not demand sales from it. Instead, I've sought other work to compliment my artist lifestyle and it's been such a relief and transformation for my practice. Hohyung's steadfast encouragement and love has created a safe space for me to take risks I haven't taken before. He has taught me to learn that failure and discovery and trying new things are all worth it. Nothing is wasted. That has been huge for me.
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