Mixed Media - Currently Gouache and Acrylic

Pocket Change

I often think about what things I have in my pocket to protect myself. Don't all women?


Julia Glatfelter

I grew up on the green hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania. My earliest memories are of playing in the sun with my siblings - chasing each other through labyrinths of trees. We regularly attended the Brandywine River Museum, "home of the Wyeths" and I lived among realistic depictions of my county by an American great, Andrew Wyeth. Place has always meant a great deal to me. My art practice is a trail of places I've been and the people I've been with. By making, I preserve the memories and experiences I've had as close as the East Coast and as far as Chennai, India. Through the use of limited color and breathable space, I invite viewers to see the truth of things that have happened to me and perhaps them too.

Julia Glatfelter

describes their creative process

In most moments, life seems so fast paced but, when my mind can focus in on one unforgettable idea - I have an urge to preserve it by making something with my hands. I think there's power in multitudes so once I get an idea - a series of work will unfold in my mind rather than a single image. I tend to imagine paintings initially but I do consider what medium would best convey my concepts. I dabble in a wide variety of materials and love to combine them in collaged, overlapping layers. Admittedly, I get bored fast. I love starting things but without a deadline, I rarely finish them! This is why I seek out calls and grants so that I can have some accountability in my process. Once a series is complete, I seek out the right destination and share it with my community.