Weston Riffle

Oil Paints
I am a San Diego area native that spent several years in Oakland and San Francisco before returning. I was raised in the California interior where farming and heat are significant features. In addition to painting, I have been an unhappy bureaucrat for many years. Drawing was always something I did as a child. I was encouraged by two grandmothers that did a lot of folk painting and drawing. Formal art training was received at San Diego State but I am generally self-trained. I have been completing paintings and exhibiting for over 30 years.


Money Man

Three questions on inspiration with

Weston Riffle

  • Describe an object that has inspired you
    Not sure if it is an object, but the desert. The desert is forbidding but clean and welcoming. The things that exist in the desert don’t complain. Circles inspire me and the sky.
  • Describe a place that has inspired you
    The farming regions of California are inspiring. The production, politics, cultures and sometimes harsh environment expose the beauty of resilience. High mountains surround and separate most of these places that should not be growing people or produce.
  • Describe a person that has inspired you
    Richard Nixon had a love for the people and the beauty of the state. Not a big fan but he was a human and persevered. Mostly inspired by people, the aforementioned grandmother and a friend/artist that I haven’t talked to in over 20 years, Paul Valadez.
  • Unearth more inspirational people, places and objects