Acrylic on Canvas

Winter Morning

A soft sunrise on a winter morning.


Enid Smith Becker

I live and work in the Seattle area. Inspired by the complex dynamic between humans and the surrounding world, my paintings remind us of the powerful capacity of nature’s beauty to transform the self. I present a fluid, multifaceted experience that mirrors our own interactions with place and time. The layering of multiple perspectives invites the viewer to see the world through shifting lenses of time, scale, and space. Painted in acrylic on canvas, the work is often heavily textured in places, with layers of acrylic paint, fabric, natural materials, and paper. I studied art at the University of Washington and teach art in the area. My work is in numerous collections around the US and abroad. Enid is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Sales Gallery.

Enid Smith Becker

describes their creative process

I am inspired by what I see- often when I don’t expect it- a sunset, the color of a leaf or the way the light falls on tree trunks. I take a lot of photos before beginning a painting, I do some pencil sketches and plan the colors. After this I lay out the main structures of the painting. It is a long process of layering and moving the panels that make up the scenes within scenes. I work on multiple canvases at once. Working on one work can give me insight into another. The texture comes in after I have the composition set. When the front of the painting is completed, I continue the scene around the edges of the gallery wrapped canvas so to further emphasize the fluid movement on the front.