Asian Gouache, Ink and Traditional Chinese Brushes

San Diego

This is my city. After I spend almost 4 years at here, I am in love with this city more and more. The beautiful ocean, the sunset, the cove... and the different neighborhoods, all of these jump into my brain, I have to put them all together in one art!
I draw what I love, and I love my city - San Diego.


Lulu Qu

Lulu is an artist trained in the traditional Chinese painting style who graduated from the master school at Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. She moved from Beijing to New York to obtain her second master’s degree in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After spending 4 years’ in New York, she relocated to San Diego in late 2018 to continue her focus on professional illustration and founded her LLC “LULU.LIVE ART” in 2019. She came to the United States to broaden her art skills albeit she still uses traditional Chinese painting materials; such as, ink, gouache, and Chinese brushes while drawing the modern city landscapes, fashion and food... She is passionate about combining traditional Asian art technique with modern Western art techniques together to explore more artistic possibilities. Her clients Include magazines, restaurants, fashion studios and education programs. She participated multiple solo and group exhibitions in New York City and San Diego, and published in different types of magazines. Lulu is also a mural artist and art instructor, she wants to spread her art voice out and influence more people by her artistic skills.

Lulu Qu

describes their creative process

Feelings are very important to me to initiate an artwork. I have to have a strong feeling about somewhere or something I’m going to draw. Doing a lot of research is always the first thing that I do. Once I know well about it and have enough references, I can start. First is the small pencil sketch to design the composition. Second, is the detailed pencil sketch on the real painting. Third, adding colors and lines. I won’t totally follow my original design during the process, changes are always made because sometimes new ideas occur to me.