Oil Paints

Rhythms of the Sea

Living in San Diego, the ocean is an ever-present feature of my life. As a still life painter, I try to find objects that express my interest in the world around me. I felt that the curving lines in the sea shells, together with the curves and undulations of the green scarf and the glass orb suggested the ebb and flow of waves and tides of the sea. The blue-green colors of the glass and scarf suggest to me water, while the golden tans of the shells suggest the color of the sand.


Sherry Roper

About 20 years ago, I took a community college course in watercolor painting as a hobby interest, and fell in love with making art. I switched to oil painting several years ago, and now make painting in oils my passion in life. My artistic studies are largely self directed, and I am greatly inspired by classical realism and the classical method of painting.

Sherry Roper

describes their creative process

I start each painting with a small value study. That is followed by a more detailed drawing and a small color study. After transferring the drawing to the canvas, I complete a value underpainting, either an open grisaille in brown tones, or a closed grisaille in gray tones. When dry, I begin a series of color layers, enhanced with glazes.