Oil, Collage, Fiber Art

Pool World

Urban scene in San Diego CA.


Michelle Joy Montrose

Michelle Montrose is a passionate and intuitive artist living in San Diego, California. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from San Diego State University in 2015, is a member of The Southwestern Artists Association at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park, and participates in many local shows. She is currently seeking representation and opportunities for all bodies of work. Michelle paints in oils and mixed media. She also sews masks, quilts, fabric bowls, and other experimental fiber works. In addition to her career in the visual arts, Michelle performs in local renaissance faires, builds costumes, enjoys board games and rpgs, and volunteers to help the homeless in San Diego. You can support her work directly through Patreon, and you can see her work daily at Studio 16B in the Spanish Village at Balboa Park, San Diego from 11am-4pm.

Michelle Joy Montrose

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