Gouache and Acrylic


This piece was inspired by my ideal environment - being surrounded by greens and trees, which unfortunately difficult to find in San Diego.


Lauren Bencivengo

Growing in San Diego, I was always creating; mostly in the form of drawing and coloring. It wasn't until a summer art camp at the San Diego Museum of Art that I discovered Acrylic painting and was influenced by Impressionism. Ever since that summer I spent my free time painting and looking to take more art classes in school. Even though I love painting and arts, I didn't know how I could make a career out of it when I was younger, and I was encouraged to look at other fields for college majors that included a creative process instead. I decided to pursue a degree in Interior Design for my Bachelors Degree. I felt it combined the theories and practices of creativity while also having a real life application that would have an impact on our society. While attending university, I was exposed to a whole new world of design, from furniture to textile to surface pattern. I realized the application of art on design was endless. Today, I work as a commercial interior designer, but have created a side business dedicated to my own creative work. While at times it is hard to balance both endeavors, I am working to combine my two passions together.

Lauren Bencivengo

describes their creative process

My creative process usually starts with a walk outside or flipping through images of natural environments. Depending on where I am or the tools I have with me, I might make a quick little sketch in my notebook or snap a picture with my phone. I am usually documenting a color, shape, or scene that has moved me in some way. When I have the free time and creative head space, I will sit down at my desk and start some sketches on a smaller scale and then just give myself the freedom to see where it takes me. When I discover the right color palette or composition, I will then create a more final piece on canvas or handmade paper.