Charcoal, acrylics, mixed media, printmaking

Jazz Singer Fuchsia

My inspiration was female Harlem Renaissance jazz singers who held huge metal microphones with gorgeous, off-shoulder dresses singing songs filled with love and sorrow.


Barbara Joann Combs

Barbara Joann Combs, artist, art educator, community arts collaborator born in Los Angeles, California, has worked within the discipline of visual arts since childhood. Barbara holds a B.A. with distinction in visual arts from Fayetteville State University, has written and taught curriculum for art fundamentals courses at Seventy-First High School, North Carolina for seven years. Awarded a MA and MFA in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. Barbara has worked within five Baltimore communities facilitating four quilt projects and two summer youth programs creating murals. A community mural was a collaboration with the Johnson Square neighborhood at Ambrose Kennedy Park and pool. During the pandemic a virtual community workshop was developed with Greenbelt Recreation Arts for African American History Month. Barbara’s recent exhibits include “Hand Made”, Black Rock Gallery, Maryland, "Occupy the Moment: Embracing Our History, Enhancing Our Impact", Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL. Within the Greenbelt community at the City Council Chambers, Greenbelt News Review, and New Deal Cafe. Past exhibits include Lowe House, Montpelier Arts Center, Serendipity Labs, Gallery Miriam, and Pyramid Atlantic. Ms. Combs currently teaches art education in Prince George's County at Gaywood Elementary. She paints murals on the walls and doors of the school with Pre-K through 5th grade students. In addition, Combs partners with high schools to facilitate mural painting within Gaywood to fulfill students’ Service Learning hours. You can visit Barbara in her studio in Greenbelt.

Barbara Joann Combs

describes their creative process

I create artwork from themes that move me; Abstraction, Dance, Jazz, Portraiture, and Nature. In the theme of Abstraction, whether it is paint, collage, glass, or wood I create to play with the materials. With dance, I an trying to capture the strong, passionate, physical movement. While jazz is bringing back childhood memories, I also enjoy the music. Jazz is extremely diverse. It can be calmly flowing and then suddenly chaotic. Portraiture and nature helps me explore my love of people and the outdoors. I usually start my ideas in a sketchbook with graphite or Sharpie and then they morph into styles of Minimal Cubism. My studio space will be filled several different projects when ideas start flourishing in my head.