Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media

Free Expression

Expressing myself to the greatest of my ability is the freest I've ever felt. It's the sort of liberation that I crave to experience on a daily basis. I like to speak to my soul and tell it to relax, let go and be a wondering spirit. 

This piece describes the freedom Water and Land experience and how they choose to be unrestrained and drown in love. 


Ambika Thiagarajan

Raised in Chennai, India, one thing school convinced me was that science and math just wasn't my forte. I knew instantly that my ability instead sat in creative pursuits where I was not conformed by too many restrictions. Where I could have my own style and notion of color and dig deep into this world freely. After a few years of taking an Art elective in school, I decide to chase it full-time in college and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Stella Maris College, Chennai, India. Choosing to push out of my safe and secure comfort zone at home, I decided to move out to the US to broaden my horizons both personally and professionally and embrace life with an open mind. I moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I received a Post Baccalaureate in Fine Art after an intense year of thinking out of the box and experimentation of new mediums. I am now a full-time Contemporary Artist/Painter living in San Diego, California, chasing my dream everyday.

Ambika Thiagarajan

describes their creative process

I create paintings on canvas that are modernistic and depict how I recognize the external world via the lens of what goes on internally. This could be heavy with emotion, my unstoppable thoughts, or a strange combination of the two. Being abstract with my work sets me so free that what I usually can’t communicate vocally, I can do so candidly on paper through color, texture, form and movement. I promised myself that no matter what happens in this career, I will be bold and trust my paints wholly to guide me to an area of strength and peace. Creating unique and visually complex images are something I constantly strive to achieve in my work. The only goal is to devise new realities to dance around in spontaneously and fully.