Mixed Media: Acrylics, Oil, Collage, Pastels


Drawing from my subconscious, deconstructing multiple images to reconstruct them together into something new and dynamic.


Nat Bradley

Nat Bradley, veteran musician and accomplished global sound designer, ventures into the world of abstract modernist painting celebrating his unique view that intersects the creation of art with existential expression. Located in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, Nat pulls inspiration from classic modern abstract expressionists viewed through the lens of gritty urban influence. Over the past decade, his paintings explore organic shapes, highly textured surfaces, and dimension crafted through layers of color and mediums. Brilliant moments of contrast pull the viewer deep into the canvas. The works offer many areas for contemplation and appear ever changing upon multiple viewings. The paintings provide a fresh and contemporary take on the Mid-century modern aesthetic.

Nat Bradley

describes their creative process

Approaching my art, through deconstruction and reconstruction the work continuously evolves and with every new permutation offers a new message.